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Ref-Vac Consultancy had a modest opening as a consultancy firm in 1995 in the field of freeze-drying. Eventually in 1997, it turned into a full fledged manufacturing unit for Food and Pharmaceutical Freeze-Dryers. The man behind this - Mr. R N Honarao possesses a vast experience of more than 15 years in the field of Food and Pharmaceutical Freeze Drying Machines and High Vacuum Equipment, which has helped the company in its exponential growth. The company offers fully indigenous REVA series of FFDs in varying capacities for processing fruits, vegetables, spices, herbs, seasonings, biological cultures and enzymes. Salient features of REVA series are low cost, ruggedly built plants meant for non-stop production with ease of operation and maintenance.

Ref-Vac offers complete know-how of Freeze-Drying project on turn key basis. This includes giving feasibility report, factory planning and layout, manpower planning and technical training, standardization of process cycle, pre and post processing activities, setting up of quality control laboratory, packaging of finished products and assistance in marketing. We know in and out of freeze-drying and design all equipment ourselves. Hence we can supply any capacity of FFDs, specifically suited to your needs, besides our standard models.

We have our own Pilot Freeze-Dryer for generating samples and to carry out research on various products. We also refurbish old and used pharmaceutical freeze-dryers (Lyophilizers) of any capacity and any make. Should you require any reference for our supplied plants and equipment, please contact us.

Freeze-drying is the ultimate technology amongst all other conventional drying methods. Freeze-drying removes only water and freeze-dried products are considered as next to original products. Benefits are long shelf life retaining original qualities like color, texture, taste, aroma and nutritional contents. Freeze-dried fruits, vegetables, spices, herbs, cooked or uncooked veg and non-veg delicacies like shrimps, prawns, chicken etc., instant soups, tea, coffee, breakfast cereals, instant meals etc., do not require costly refrigeration during storage or transportation and are quick in re-hydration at the time of use. "No Additives, No preservatives" tag suits best with freeze-dried products.

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